Torn: 06 


  • Chris

Bryan dragged me out to this bar to meet up with a few if his homies. I honestly ain’t wanna be in this bitch, but I couldn’t complain our section was banging. Bad bitches everywhere!

I took the Hennessy to the head and looked around my section. “Nigga you better grab one of these botches and get some pussy” Bryan joked and I laughed.

“I got a shorty” I said. I had this fine little shorty I’ve been kicking it with. Nothing serious she knew the deal, I’ll have her come through later on.

“Yeah right nigga.” He laughed and took a shot of patron. I licked my lips when my eyes landed on this chick, She was cute not my type though, she walked over to Bryan and stood between his legs. “Hey B” she shot him a toothy smile.

“What’s up ma” He grabbed her waist, pulling her into his lap. I could’ve sworn this nigga had a girl at home. “Yo Chris this Naomi Lo’s friend, Naomi this Chris my little brother” I gave her a head nif.

I chuckled bitterly and shook my head. “What’s up boo, where love at?” She rolled her eyes before laughing. “At home, why you here?” He grabbed her ass.

Yeah they had some shit going the fuck on. The fact that they were so open about this shit had me laughing at they crazy ass. I knew if Lo was to walk up in here shit would pop off.

“Come through later okay?” She kissed his cheek, getting up and waking away. When she was out of earshot I spoke up. “Nigga you foul” I said shaking my head at him.


“That’s ya girl best friend. Why you doing her like that?” I asked. I wanted to know why he treated shorty like that. She seem mad cool down to earth and in love with this fool.

“Man that’s how we do, I ain’t doing Love like nothing. She grown ass fuck, and ain’t like she don’t know” I kissed my teeth. This nigga was on some other shit for real.


Staring up at the ceiling I listened to them go back and forth. I didn’t understand why shorty stayed with this fool, he’s my brother but even I can see he ain’t shit.

Bryan always been like this though, he treats women like shit. I know if he keeps doing what he doing he’s going to push away a good girl.

I licked my lips before getting out the bed. I walked down the strips, towards the kitchen. When I walked in Lo was sitting at the counter looking down at her phone.

I guess she noticed my presence and turned her face towards me. “Did we wake you?” She asked sweetly. “Nah ma, I was already up” I said.

“Oh” I could tell she been crying. I went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle if water. “If you’re hungry I cooked earlier” she said in a whisper.

“Nah I’m cool, I just wanted some water. I looked over her body frame, I couldn’t help but look at her body. She was thick ass fuck. Her ass was fat, I didn’t see what Bryan problem was.

Baby had it going on. “Well I’m going to bed goodnight Chris” She said softly and walking out the kitchen. I pulled my phone out my pocket and looked through my contacts.

I guess since I was already up I could call my shorty to come through. I needed to get my fucking dick wet. I shot her text and told her to come through.

Hopefully they don’t mind, I mean they to busy arguing with each other to even notice. I shook my head as I walked back to my room. I could hear her crying and his yelling.

His ass gone regret too. I don’t know why I care so much. I guess I hate when females let niggas run them, even if it is my bro that shit ain’t cool, at all.


  • Bryan

2 weeks Later

I threw my son in the air as his giggles filled my the air. I smiled and sat him on my knee. I kissed the top of his head as his mom walked in, watching us.

“So you can be with her 24/7 and play house with that bitch but all I get is a day each week? That’s bullshit Bryan. That’s not fair to me or your son” I sighed.

“Lashae don’t fucking start with me” I spat coldly at her. I didn’t come over here to hear her ass bitch and moan about my girl. I wasn’t about to leave Love.

“I’m tired if this shit Bryan, it’s like you don’t give a fuck about me and or our damn son. He needs you too” She continued with her rant. She went on and on.

“The fuck you want me to do? Leave her?” I asked as she stood in front of me with her arms crossed. “You told me you loved me, and that we would be together”

I sat my son on the couch and got up, walking over to her. “We will just give me time.” I wrapped my arms around her body.

She pushed me back and stared at me with cold eyes. “You’re lying Bryan. You claim you love me but you love her more. What is it about her?”

“You want the truth?” I asked. ”Nah, fucking lie to me. The fuck you think nigga?” I smacked my lips and stood over her. “She hold me down, I been with her since I was 18. She means more to me”

“Really? Can that bitch give you a baby?” I grabbed her throat and slammed her body against the wall. “Don’t even fucking go there” I wrapped my hands around her neck.

“Let…me…go” She struggled to get her words out. She clawed her nails into my arms as I finally let her go, slamming her against the wall. Her body slid down the wall.

“All I want is for us to be a family” She cried out. “I’m gone man” I kissed my son bye and left out. I didn’t have time for this shit.


Hours Later…

Walking into my bedroom I could hear the shower running. I walked inside the bathroom and looked at her body through the see through glass shower.

I pulled the door back and she jumped. “The hell are you doing? It’s cold close the door” She snapped at me with her back turned towards me, her ass was looking good.

“Get dressed I want some food” I said closing the door. I walked out the bathroom and down towards the living room.

“What’s up nigga” I greeted Chris. “Shit watching this Lakers game. Surprised yo ass home” I shrugged. “Shit slow today, you know I can get you in”

“Nah bruh, that ain’t me no more. I got some other shit lined up for me already.” I kissed my teeth. “Come on, that ain’t making you no real money”

He nodded in agreement. “I’ll think about it nigga.” His eyes wandered towards the steps where love walked down. I watched as he eyed her, I didn’t like that shit.

Her ass jiggled with every step she took, I looked over at chris and his eyes were on her ass. I stood and grabbed her. “Go fix dinner, something good. Bro you hungry?” I asked Chris.


“Nigga yes you is. Go ahead and make the food and bring us a beer too” I slapped her ass as she glared at me. I stepped back and watched her.

Chris’s looked at me and shook his head. “What?” I asked. He threw his hands up. “Nothing”

The fuck was his problem?


  • Chris

“Lo where the fuck are the beers at?” He yelled in frustration. I kissed my teeth and glared at his ass. He was starting to piss me off.

Looking at my brother I didn’t even know who this fool was anymore. The disrespect he showed Love was out of hand.

And the fact that shorty allowed that shit blew my mind. I stood and walked into the kitchen where she stood over the counter chopping up vegetables.

“Oh I forgot to bring y’all the beers. I’m sorry” she started to walk towards the fridge but I stopped her. “No need shorty, I got it”

She sighed and went back to chopping vegetables. I watched her for a minute before going back to the living room. “Here”

“What’s with you,”

“Why you treating her like that for?” I asked. Curious to know why he treats her more like a damn maid than a girlfriend. “Like what? Ask for dinner?”

“Nah like she’s the slave or some shit” He chuckled but I didn’t find shit amusing. “She’s the girl she supposed to do things for me. I pay the bills, her ass goes without nothing the least she can do is cook”

“I mean not to be in your business but she seems unhappy. An—” he cut me off. “She can leave ain’t nobody forcing that bitch to stay here. The door is always open.”

I chuckled bitterly. “Alright” was all I said. I ended the conversation and went back to watching the basketball game. I felt bad for shorty. I really did, nobody deserve that shit.

Not even my worse enemy.

“Dinner is ready” She yelled and I could tell in her voice she was pissed, If she was my little sister I would definitely be whooping Bryan’s ass for how he treats her.

I got up and went into the kitchen. Little mama laid it all out for us. Fried chicken, Mac & cheese, candy yams, string beans. I mean baby could cook.

“Thanks ma” I said and she gave me a faint smile. Bryan went straight to get his plate and didn’t even say thank you. “You’re welcome” She smiled weakly at me.

She handed me my plate. “You didn’t have to fix my plate I could have” I told her. “It’s fine, enjoy your dinner” She said dryly. I grabbed me a beer and walked towards the door of the kitchen.

“Love Bring me another beer” She rolled her eyes and placed her small hands on her hips. “Nigga get the fuck up and get it ya damn self, I ain’t ya fucking maid”

I turned around smirked. About damn time!

I finished my second plate and got up. “Where you going nigga?” He asked me and I looked at him. “To put my plate up , what it look like fool” I laughed.

“Love got it. Yo Lo come get our dishes” He laid back on the couch and put his feet up on the table. This nigga here is bugging, I’m just waiting on shorty to go off.

I ignored him and took my plate in the kitchen. Shit was spotless. Her back was turned towards me and I could smell the weed. I chuckled and put my plate in the sink and walked behind her, touching her shoulders.

“You shouldn’t let him talk to you like that” I said as she turned around with the blunt between her lips and looked at me. I took the blunt from her taking a pull.

I placed the blunt back between her lips. Watching her every move she ran her hands through her curly hair.

“I—” I cut her off. I grabbed her chin, lifting it so my eyes met hers. 

"Your too beautiful to let any man disrespect you and take advantage of you” I said and I wiped her tears. She nodded and i saw something different in her eyes.

Something told me she was fed up. Honestly that nigga needs to get a grip. He better start treating her right before a nigga like me catch his bitch ass slipping and slid in and take her from him.


  • Love

I couldn’t even cry, that’s how fed up i was. Done! It took every fiber in my body not to slap the shit out of Bryan ignorant ass. He betrayed me me in the worst way

But the shit he’s done this time beat the fucking cake. He wanted his cake and to eat it too.

Fuck this relationship and fuck Bryan. Chris is right it’s a shame it took his own brother to tell me he ain’t shit. I’m not taking this disrespectful ass shit anymore.

I walked inside my closet and began to pack. The door creaked open and I knew it was him. “What you doing?” He asked me. I ignored him throwing all my shit into my bags.

“What it look like? I’m tired if this shit.” I said. After this morning I’ve had enough. I never been so humiliated than I was this morning. I was livid, my patience has worn thin.

“Come on now Lo—” I held my hand up signaling for him to shut the fuck up. “You had a baby on me, yeah I know all about shae and what’s his name? Oh ummm Bryan Jr.” I laughed bitterly.

"Yeah nigga I know"

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